The Whisky Resort Speyside

Once Coleburn was a “live” distillery and is now being prepared for a 5-Star Whisky Resort with associated hotel and lodging accommodation, spa and conference facilities including a working distillery and hospitality focal point.

The comprehensive masterplan will be implemented in different phases. The first phase will include the reinstatement and launch of the distillery at Coleburn and the creation of the hospitality focal point; a bistro in the former Piggery building.


The Coleburn Master Plan is to create a whisky and hospitality centre of excellence on the authentic distillery site of Coleburn, Longmorn, situated right in the middle of the malt whisky capital of the world - Speyside. The reinstatement of the Coleburn as a full working distillery with warehouse facility is central within the multifaceted proposition of the Coleburn. Selling the genuine experience of whisky making and mastering the art of whisky maturation. At this moment in time Coleburn distillery is non-trading, (re)building the Coleburn whisky brand is an integral part of the entire Coleburn proposition, producing premium spirit, distilled in an historical distillery.

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