D&M Winchester Ltd; owners of the Coleburn distillery site at Longmorn, Elgin since 2004

We provide the following whisky sales & cask storage & management services:

  • Whisky sales (tanker, cask and bottle volumes)
  • Whisky cask storage (store-mature-bottle-label)
  • Our extended whisky portfolio ranges from Scottish single malts, vatted malts, blends & grains and newmake spirit.

Whisky Sales and Cask Storage
D&M Winchester Ltd

Turn-key solutions with complete turn-key service. From sourcing your whisky, adding value to the whisky with cask management/art of maturation and experimentation, bottling (with our partner bottlers), labelling and branding, HMRC compliant with Scottish provenance and origin to launching your end product into the market place.

D&M Winchester’ warehousing team excels in the field of traditional warehousing whereby the barrels are stacked no more than three barrels high so that superior air circulation can be provided. The Coleburn Dunnage Warehousing buildings create higher humidity and that makes for the best possible spirit quality for consumption or investment. The casks are monitored and controlled on a regular routine basis and we provide an analytical passport of the spirit, detailing what exactly is happening inside the cask.

Through a process of careful selection, we have been able to secure a high-quality supply of casks for maturation with full traceability records; an industry requirement that is trending now.

The casks that we have under our control are monitored closely and full details are constantly updated to provide a technical analysis that allows the client to control exactly the style and type of spirit that they require. This allows our customers to be involved with the maturation process and have an input into the finish that is required. We source premium ‘finishing casks’ offering a variety of different taste profiles that will complement the mature spirit and bring it to a level of exceptional complexity.

HMRC accredited Bonded Warehouse Sites

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